The Academic Phase consists of 12 Saturday sessions, meeting twice a month—normally on the 1st and 2nd Saturday.

The phase is designed to enhance the student’s skills in their high school core classes.

Tutoring is provided during this phase, as well as after school.



The Summer Phase is a six-week program scheduled during the months of June and July.

The phase affords students a simulated college experience that includes residential housing.

The program presents opportunities for students to enhance their academic and personal skills as well.

Special features of the program are Life Skills, research projects; career, health, professional counseling, and college tours.

The summer phase climaxes with a trip to a major U.S. destination that provides exposure to colleges and universities, historical sites, different people, and adventures galore!

The Career Work-Study Program is also offered during the six-week summer phase of the Upward Bound program.

Rising juniors and seniors are involved in a work-study program that allows participants the opportunity to work in an environment that reflects his/her career choice, while being paid by the Upward Bound program.

Students are placed in part-time jobs on campus and within the community, and given the opportunity to experience “hands on” knowledge of various careers.

Upward Bound graduates are bridged (enrolled) in a pre-paid college course at Gadsden State. Graduates have the opportunity to experience the process of admissions, placement testing, registration and advisement.