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What kind of college is GSCC?

Gadsden State Community College is a public, open-door, comprehensive community college dedicated to meeting the changing needs of citizens in its service area. It offers the first two years of a four-year degree, a number of technical and certificate programs, and non-credit programs that include continuing education, skills training, and adult education. GSCC consists of the following campuses, centers, and instructional sites in Alabama: Wallace Drive, East Broad, and Valley Street campuses (Gadsden) and Ayers Campus (Anniston); McClellan Center; and Piedmont High School, Pell City High School, Cherokee County, Cleburne County, and St Clair Correctional Facility (IEP) instructional sites.

Is Gadsden State Community College accredited?

Gadsden State Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (1866 Southern Lane; Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097; Telephone Number (404-679-4501) to award associate degrees.

What are some reasons I should choose Gadsden State?

Money: Alabama's two-year colleges provide the greatest educational value for the money. Two-year colleges offer the lowest tuition rates in the state.

Smaller Classes and Instructors Who Really Care: Because GSCC offers classes with lower student-teacher ratios, students receive more individual attention from instructors who are concerned about student progress.

How can information for Admissions be received? Under Gadsden State Community College, it needs to be Admissions and Records instead of just Records.

Quality Instruction: Whether you are completing classes to transfer to a university, learning a technical skill, or completing non-credit courses, you will meet your educational goals.

Transferability of Credits: By following the guidance of the Statewide Articulation Reporting System (STARS) and seeking on-campus advisement, you can successfully complete up to two years toward a bachelor's degree at the university of your choice in Alabama. Transferring is now easier than ever before.

Student Activities: Whether you are interested in being a leader in an organization; continuing your athletic endeavors; performing in choir, band, dance, or drama; or simply finding ways to help your community and school while having fun, Gadsden State is the place for you.

When is the best time to enter Gadsden State?

Although many new students enter GSCC in the fall semester, you may begin your studies at the start of any term. In addition to the sixteen-week semesters, beginning in August and January (fall and spring), you have opportunities to register for mini-mesters (shorter terms) during fall, spring, and summer and to register for a ten-week term during the summer.

When is the deadline for applying for admission?

You are encouraged to apply for admission as early as possible. Although applications are also accepted near the close of registration in any term, students who apply early will have greater flexibility in scheduling and planning. High school students are encouraged to apply as early as possible during their senior year.

Can I attend GSCC even if I did not take advanced classes in high school?

Yes, a placement test will help determine which English and math courses you will need to begin with, depending upon your skill level. GSCC offers math, reading, and English courses designed to get you off to a good start.

Can people from another country attend GSCC?

Yes. Special admission requirements apply for visa applicants. Request information from the GSCC International Student site or e-mail the International Student Office at or call (256) 549-8438.

Applying for Admissions

Go to

  • 1. On the top right side of the home page click Apply Now!
  • 2. A Login page will appear, go below the Login button and click First time user account creation.
  • 3. Another Login page will appear. Here you will need to create a user name and password. This is just for the application process. You will need to remember this if you do not complete the application at one time. The Admissions office does not have this information.
  • 4.Choose the term that you want to begin at Gadsden State Community College.
  • 5.Complete the application: each section should have a red checkmark indicating completion.
  • 6.Click where it says that the Application is complete. A signature page does not need to be printed. This form is located in the Admissions and Records office at all of the campuses.
  • 7.The last step will be to Agree to the Terms.
  • 8.Please stop by the Admissions and Records Office at any campus to complete the necessary documentation needed to be cleared in Admissions, such as Drivers’ license and high school transcript.

When to do a Re-admit application?

Re-admit applications are only for those students who have previously attended Gadsden State Community College, but have not attended for more than one year.

How can information for Admissions be received?

A driver’s license can be presented:

Gadsden State Community College
P. O. Box 227
Gadsden, AL 35902

The signature page can be:

To print the Signature page off the web site:

  • You can go to the main web site (
  • Go to Future Students
  • Admissions
  • There is a list of forms
  • Signature Page

Official transcripts can be:

  • Presented in person in a sealed envelope from the school or college
  • Mailed from the school or college
  • Sent by electronic PDF from the school or college:

For any additional questions, go to:


How to find your admissions status?

The best way to find your Admissions status would be by the e-mails that you will receive. There will be an acceptance e-mail sent to the e-mail address that was given on the Admissions application, and a second e-mail sent after all of the necessary information has been received in the Admissions and Records Office. You can also click the Apply Now tab that was used to fill out the Admissions application. This area will let you know what your status is and what information is still needed in order for you to be cleared in Admissions.

How to find my student e-mail?

To locate your student e-mail address:

First you will need to log in under the self-service banner tab on the main web site ( Second go to the personal information tab. Finally, go to the update/change email tab.

How to use my student e-mail?

On the main web site ( you will scroll down on the left side; it will say Student Email in red letters. Click on Student Email. Then enter in your email user name and then the password. Student e-mails are not created or activated until the first day of class for the term you are attending.

How to find my G#?

After you apply to Gadsden State Community College, you will receive an acceptance e-mail. This will be sent to the e-mail that you supplied to the college. This e-mail will give your student G# and all the additional information that will be needed to be cleared in the Admissions Office.

Another way to find your G# would be to log in on Self-service banner using your social security number, and your six-digit birthdate as your password. Your student G# will be found under the Student tab; Student Records; then view student information. If this is not possible, then you will have to come to one of our campuses, in the Admissions Office, and show picture I.D. to acquire your student G#.

Regardless, Gadsden State Community College requires official transcripts from all colleges attended as well as your high school or GED.

What is a Transient student?

If you are a student that is attending another college and you want to take a class at Gadsden State Community College and then return to the previous college the next semester, you will be a transient student. If this is the case, you will only need to acquire a transient letter from the other college giving you approval. This will need to be done for each semester that you will be a transient student.

Can I get help in selecting courses?

Yes, and it is strongly recommended that you get assistance every semester. Faculty advisors for your selected program are available to assist you with course selections. If you have not decided on a program of study, you must confer with the counselor for undeclared majors, whose office is at the One Stop Center, Counseling and Advising.

How do I know what classes I need?

You will know what classes you need by speaking with your Advisor. You can find out your Advisor’s name and information by calling Counseling and Advising at (256) 549-8271 or by viewing the Gadsden State Community College catalog. See link on the main page of our web site.

Are the same programs and courses taught at all campuses, centers, and instructional sites?

No. The East Broad, Valley Street, and Ayers campuses are home to GSCC's technical division programs, a few academic division programs, and some non-credit continuing programs. Core curriculum courses are offered at all other campuses, centers, and instructional sites.

Can I choose to attend the campus, center, or instructional site I prefer?

You can choose to attend any GSCC campus, center, or instructional site that is offering the courses you want to take.

Does GSCC offer any occupational programs?

Yes. A number of vocational and certificate programs are available.

What kinds of academic programs does GSCC offer?

You can receive an associate in science or arts degree for most general four-year majors, which is transferable to senior colleges and universities. GSCC also offers a number of associate in applied science degree programs (two-year) and certificate programs. (Refer to the catalog for a complete listing.)

Does admission to Gadsden State depend on entrance exams?

No. GSCC is an open-door community college. High school graduates, transfer students, and recipients of the GED are eligible to be admitted and to take courses required for an associate degree. Others may be admitted to certain non-degree or certificate programs. Refer to the catalog or call (256)549-8210 for more details.

Are any tests required?

Tests are not required for admission, except for First time freshmen. However, you are required to take a placement test prior to registering for English and Math classes if you have not taken these classes previously. This test is used as an advisement tool to help you begin your writing, reading, and mathematics courses at the appropriate levels of difficulty based on your current academic skills. The test requirement may be waived for transfer students or transient students who have already completed freshman composition or pre-calculus algebra. In most cases, if you have a recent ACT score of 20 or more on the math and/or English sections, you are exempt from those portions of the placement test. Contact the Testing Center at (256) 549-8497 (Gadsden) or (256) 835-5423 (Ayers) for more information.

Can I be awarded credit by examination or experience?

If you achieve the required score, you can receive credit through either the Advanced Placement Program Examinations (AP) or through the College Level Examination Program General Examinations (CLEP). In addition to score requirements, certain limitations and guidelines apply to the awarding of credit by examination. Please see the GSCC catalog or contact the Testing Center at (256) 549-8497 or (256) 835-5423 for more information. For specific information concerning credit by experience, contact the Registrar's Office at (256) 549-8259 (Gadsden) or the Admissions Office at 256-835-5451 (Ayers).

When do I need a placement test?

A placement test will be needed if the test is over three years old and you have not taken/passed any English and/or Math classes, if you are a First-time freshman coming to Gadsden State Community College and you do not have ACT scores that are equivalent to College level, or if you do not have transfer credit from a prior college. A placement test is required of all students, academic or technical.

ACT scores that are college level are a 20 in each section, English, Math, and Reading.


How much does it cost to attend Gadsden State?

  • In-state tuition and fees: $134 per credit hour (as of Fall 2014).
  • Out of State tuition is $249 per credit hour
  • Distance learning is $268 per credit hour

In addition to tuition, you must purchase textbooks and provide transportation to class or pay room and board fees for living in the on-campus residence.


Where can I find information concerning scholarships that are currently available?

To obtain an application or information about institutional scholarships from GSCC, contact the scholarship coordinator at 1-800-226-5563 or (256) 549-8203. If you are a high school student, you can obtain applications, if available, from your high school counselor. Other scholarships may be available from off-campus sources, such as employers or local civic organizations.

Can I receive financial aid for college expenses?

Federal Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Many students attend GSCC with the assistance of the Federal Pell Grant, supplemental grants, work-study, and various scholarship programs. The GSCC Job Placement Office also assists current students, as well as graduates, as they search for full-time or part-time employment.

Is it possible to work class schedules around a full-time job?

Yes. Classes are offered from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Some courses are even offered on Saturdays and Sundays. You can add further flexibility to your schedule with video and Internet courses.

How can I make sure I will not have trouble transferring my credits?

Transferring to in-state or out-of-state four-year institutions is typically no problem if you consult an advisor each semester. Other measures that you can take to ease the transition include the following: Obtain course requirements for your major from the institution to which you plan to transfer, or if possible, discuss the requirements and any special recommendations with an advisor from that institution. You can find excellent transfer information specifically designed for students planning to transfer from Alabama's two-year colleges to Alabama's four-year institutions by visiting . If you need assistance, visit a GSCC counselor or faculty advisor. STARS produces a personalized printable guide for course selection. Every student at Gadsden State is assigned a faculty advisor. Be sure to discuss the information you have collected from STARS with your GSCC faculty advisor. Meet with your faculty advisor prior to registering every semester to ensure that you are taking the correct courses. Names, locations, and telephone numbers of faculty advisors are available in the catalog, schedule booklet, or from the admissions and counseling staff.

How do GSCC graduates rate academically after they transfer?

Statistics compiled by four-year institutions in Alabama have shown that GSCC students do as well or better than students who attend four-year schools from the start.

What student activities are available at GSCC?

Over twenty-five student organizations provide many opportunities for students to grow and learn. GSCC students are encouraged to participate in numerous activities to help with intellectual and social development and to interact with fellow students, faculty, and other staff members to improve communication and leadership skills. In other words, have fun, meet some new friends, and improve yourself, your community, and your school as you are passing through! A list of student activities can be found in the catalog. You can also learn about campus organizations by attending Get-On-Board Day, which is held at the beginning of the fall semester.

How can I get a copy of the college catalog?

The catalog is online at From the home page, click the link to “catalog.”

How do I use the catalog? Click catalog at the top of the Gadsden State Community College web site. Then click on programs of study at the end of the list on the following page. This will show all the majors that we offer. Click on the major of your choice. This will tell you Advisor’s names, their location, telephone number, and their e-mail addresses. This page will also tell you all of the classes needed to complete this major, and how many credit hours for this major.

How do I search for classes?


Self-Service Banner, Secure Login, G# (you must capitalize the G), 6-digit Birthdate, Student, Registration, Add/Drop.

CRNs are needed on this page.

How do I register for classes?

Guide to Registration on Self Service Banner

  • 1.Go to
  • 2.Select the first option that says “Enter Secure Area”
  • 3.If you know your G#, this is where you would enter it. If you do not know your G#, you can enter your old GSCC Student ID OR your Social Security Number. The PIN is your six‐digit birthdate. (mmddyy). You will be required to change your PIN the first time you sign in.
  • 4.Click on “Student Button”; then click “Registration”; then “Add or Drop Classes”.
  • 5.Type in the five digit CRN number in the box. Continue this process until all CRN numbers have been entered.
  • 6. Click submit.

How do I print off my schedule?

Guide to Printing a Schedule

  • 1.Go to
  • 2.Select the first option that says “Enter Secure Area”
  • 3.If you know your G#, this is where you would enter it. If you do not know your G#, you can enter your old GSCC Student ID OR your Social Security Number. The PIN is your six‐digit birthdate. (mmddyy). You will be required to change your PIN the first time you sign in.
  • 4. Click on “Student Button”; then click “Registration”; then “Student Concise Schedule”.
  • 5.Be sure the drop down box says Fall 2013.
  • 6.Go to file, then print.

Where do I get my parking permit and Student ID?

A printed schedule is required.

Wallace Drive campus: Go to the Information Desk in The One Stop Center to get your parking permit. Go to Inzer Hall, next to the book store or The One Stop Center, to get your ID. There is a glass door to the left of the front of the bookstore. IDs are made down that hallway on the left.

Ayers campus: Go to the Business office in the Administration building to get your parking permit. Go to the Learning Resource Center to get your ID.

Cherokee campus: Go to the Security office in the Admissions office to get your parking permit. Go to the Library to get your ID.

McClellan campus: Go to the Security office or the Business office to get your parking permit. Go to the Library to get your ID.

Where is the calendar located?

The Gadsden State Community College calendar is located on the main page of the web site on the left-hand side under the Quick Links.

How do I use Blackboard?

The Blackboard system will not show classes that you are registered until the first day of class. You will use the first part of your student email address before the @ symbol for the username, and your six-digit birthdate (mmddyy) for the password. If the Blackboard system is not working correctly for you, you can get in touch with Brandy Vaughn, (256) 549-8403.

How do I contact my advisor?

Your placement test results will include an advisor's office location and telephone number. You can visit your advisor in his/her office or contact your advisor via e-mail or telephone. Telephone numbers of advisors are available from the Admissions/Success Office and the Counseling Center and also on the GSCC homepage Directory Link.

Will courses that I took previously at GSCC still count, even if I attended years ago?

Yes. Core curriculum classes are good for an indefinite number of years at GSCC.

Why are some classes restricted?

Classes are restricted to prevent you from taking classes that you are not prepared to take. Some courses may be restricted to students who have been admitted to allied health programs, while other courses may have prerequisites.

If I am on academic warning or probation, how do I register?

You should contact the Registrar's Office (256)549-8259 for specific information concerning your status and registration.

Can I add or drop classes after I register? How?

Yes. You can add or drop classes on the dates listed in the catalog and calendar. After the add/drop period ends, you can withdraw from classes through the published date. You can do this online or in the Admissions and Records Office.

How do I find out what materials are required for my courses and how do I get these materials?

On the first day of class, instructors will give you course syllabi indicating what materials are required for that course. Barnes and Noble bookstores are located on the Wallace Drive Campus, Ayers campus and Centre (Cherokee) campus.

How will I know which books to purchase?

The bookstore identifies books by course numbers, which are labeled on the bookshelves. You can also ask the GSCC Bookstore staff for assistance with your book selections. Textbook lists can also be found online through the bookstore web site.

Are Distance Education courses or courses via the Internet offered?

Yes. Some courses are offered via the Internet. GSCC also offers hybrid courses that require you to be on campus a minimal amount of time.

How and when can I drop or withdraw from classes?

What is the deadline for withdrawing from a class without penalty? How do I do it?

The deadline for withdrawing is published in the College calendar. You can do this online through your student account. You can also come in to the Admissions and Records Office on any campus. To withdrawal from you last class, you will need to come to one of the Admissions and Records offices of any campus and fill out a complete withdrawal form.

How do I receive a refund for dropped or cancelled classes?

If you are eligible for a refund, GSCC will mail your refund to the address on file in the Registrar's Office. Check the college catalog or current schedule for dates concerning refunds. For a cancelled class, you must complete a drop form in the Registrar's Office. Your refund will be processed automatically.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

The fastest and easiest way is online.

Requesting an Official Transcript

  • 1.Go to; click on the Self Service Banner link.
  • 2.Select the first option that says “Enter Secure Area”
  • 3.If you know your G#, this is where you would enter it. If you do not know your G#, you can enter your old GSCC Student ID OR your Social Security Number. The PIN is your six‐digit birthdate. (mmddyy). You will be required to change your PIN the first time you sign in.
  • 4.Click on “Student Button”; then click “Student Records”; then “Request printed Transcript”.
  • 5.Enter ONE of the options for address.—Either College code, your address, or Issue To.
  • 6.Select Transcript Type and fill in other information on screen. If you selected a college, the information will already be filled in. Do not alter the information. Click continue.
  • 7.On the “Print Transcript” drop down menu, select “Hold for Grades”.
  • 8.Be sure to select Delivery Method—USPS Standard Mail. *Note* Your transcript will not process without this option selected. Continue.
  • 9.Submit Request.

You can also visit the Admissions and Records Office and request a copy of your transcript. Be prepared to show a picture ID. If a visit to the campus is not possible, you can send, via mail or fax, a written request that includes your name, student number, date of birth, dates of attendance, a daytime telephone number, and where to send the transcript. The letter must be signed by you in order for the request to be processed.

How will I know if classes are delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions?

This information will be posted on the main web page of Gadsden State, It will also be sent out on the Cardinal Alert to your e-mail or phone. Local radio stations also make these announcements.

Admissions & Records

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