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Longshore Participates In German Exchange Program

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John Longshore

John Longshore, theatre specialist at Gadsden State Community College, was selected by the University of Alabama Birmingham to participate in a non-profit CYE German Exchange program.  

Longshore recently returned from Germany where he taught American History to German students.  His task was to prepare these students, who will be attending high schools in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.   

                Students in Germany may join the exchange program when they are at least 15 years old and have completed studying five years of English.  The program prepares them to seamlessly join American students and study in the public schools for approximately ten months.  High schools must be certified by the United States Department of Education to participate. 

                Longshore taught the students for three weeks and covered historical and social issues with an American prospective.  He said that one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip was the lively discussions at dinner each evening.  “The students are excited about joining their peers in America and look forward to sharing their ideas and customs with their host families,” said Longshore.  He plans to return to Germany next year to teach and mentor a new group of students.

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