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Gadsden State is currently operating on a modified schedule due to COVID-19. If you think you may need placement testing, please contact enrollment@gadsdenstate.edu or records@gadsdenstate.edu. Be sure to include your name and student number in the email and you will receive a response regarding placement requirements and options available.

ACT-Residual testing will resume in Fall 2020. A new testing schedule will be determined. 

Gadsden State Testing Services provide proctored test administration for Accuplacer placement testing the ACT-Residual for Gadsden State Health Sciences Admissions, and for community members in the public sector required to take exams for potential employment, such as the WorkKeys exam and MSSC Certification. Test Center locations are in the One Stop Center on the East Broad Street Campus (256-549-8497) and Room 107 of the Administration Building on the Ayers Campus (256-832-1241).

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For admission to Gadsden State Health Science Programs, an ACT composite score of 18 or greater must be achieved and an official score must be received by Gadsden State no later than the program’s application deadline. An ACT score is only official when documented on a high school transcript that has been sent to the Admissions and Records Office by the high school or an ACT score record is sent by ACT.

There is no expiration to the age of the ACT score for applying to Gadsden State’s Health Science Programs. However, those who have not taken the ACT or do not wish to use a previous ACT score for applying to a Health Science Program, can take the ACT National Test or the ACT-Residual Test. Gadsden State does not administer the ACT National Test.

The ACT-Residual test is strictly limited only to students who have officially applied, have been admitted or have been enrolled at Gadsden State. It’s only for students applying to one of Gadsden State’s Health Science programs and those who have been assigned a student number (A#).  It is typically offered during the week at one of the Gadsden State Test Centers. However, the ACT-Residual testing will resume in Fall 2020. A new testing schedule will be determined. 

Scores from residual testing are reported only to your institution for admission, course placement and advising purposes. The test fee has not been determined at this time.

ACT sends test results electronically to Testing Services five to six weeks after test administration. Once received, the scores will be recorded to you myGadsdenState student account. ACT requires a 60-day waiting period between taking the ACT Residual Tests otherwise ACT will cancel the second test score results with no refund.

Like the ACT National Test, students are urged to register for the ACT-Residual at least two months prior to the program’s application deadline. To schedule an appointment to take the ACT-Residual, click here.

Testing Requirements

Upon arrival for testing, students must have the following:

  • Unexpired government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license
  • Gadsden State student number (A#)
  • Testing fee payment receipt, if applicable.

The following items are prohibited while testing:

  • Cell phones or Bluetooth devices
  • Digital, alarm or calculator watches
  • Wristwatch smartphones
  • Non-approved calculators
  • Photographic or copying devices
  • Listening or recording devices, such as media players with headphones/earbuds
  • Sunglasses
  • Food or drinks
  • Unattended children
  • Visitors
  • Coats, hats, hoodies or head scarves (unless being worn for religious or medical reasons)


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