Fine Arts Courses

Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation assists in finding personal meaning in works of art and develops understanding of the nature and validity of art.

Art Museum Survey

Students can experience art through supervised visits to museums and art galleries.


Gadsden State offers Drawing I and Drawing II to students interested in creative drawing projects.

Theatre Appreciation

Theatre Appreciation offers emphasis to the theater as an art form through the study of the history and theory of drama and the contributions of playwright, actor, director, designer, and technician to modern media.

Acting Techniques

This is a two-course sequence in which the student will focus on the development of the body and voice as the performing instruments in acting. Emphasis is placed on pantomime, improvisation, acting exercises, and building characterizations in short acting scenes.


Take a course in Digital Photography to learn more about digital imaging techniques. Students can focus on any issues they may be having by enrolling in the course titled Photographic and Media Problems: Digital Media.

Art History

Art History I and Art History II explore the historical significance in art styles and themes.


Gadsden State offers courses in Water Painting I, Water Painting II, Painting I and Painting II for the visual artist.

Graphic Design

Explore the art of visual communication in the Graphic Design I and Graphic Design II courses.

Museum Practice

Students are introduced to a variety of museum works in the Museum Practice I and Museum Practice II courses.

Supervised Study

Supervised Study in Studio Art allows students to continue their studio experiences in greater depth.

Art Portfolio

Every professional artists needs a portfolio. Receive assistance in developing an art portfolio that represents the best in your design and creativity.


Mario Gallardo

Mario Gallardo, division chair and instructor