Office of Disability Services and Resources

The purpose of the Office of Disability Services and Resources is to provide accommodations and services to individuals with disabilities that will promote their success and integration into college and college-related activities.

A student navigating campus in a wheelchair

A health sciences student wearing a hearing aid using a stethoscope


The Office of Disability Services and Resources works with students, faculty and staff to ensure equal opportunity and equal access to all programs and activities.

Goals for Providing Services

  1. To work individually with qualified students with disabilities to provide reasonable accommodations which will allow the student to demonstrate his or her academic capability at Gadsden State
  2. To assist qualified students with disabilities through the transition process from high school to Gadsden State
  3. To work collaboratively with other areas of the College, including faculty, to ensure equal access for all students.

Gadsden State does not perform disability evaluations that determine or diagnose disabilities nor does Gadsden State pay for such testing. Testing is the responsibility of the student.

Services Available

  • Classroom accessibility
  • Testing accommodations
  • Alternate formats for assignments
  • Recorders / note takers
  • Sign language interpreters / CART captionists
  • Readers / scribes
  • Adaptive technology
    • E-texts (electronic copies of textbooks, restrictions apply)
    • Calculators (restrictions apply)
    • TextAloud text-to-speech software
    • Large print copies of syllabi, tests and handouts
    • FM systems (for us by hearing-impaired students)
    • Amplified stethoscope
    • Closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs, stationary)
    • Scanner
    • Braille embosser
    • Adjustable height tables
  • Assistive Computer Software
    • Window-Eyes, ZoomText, Jaws, Scientific Notebook
  • Service animals (permitted)


Receiving Accommodations

Once accepted at Gadsden State:

  • Contact the Office of Disability Services and Resources (256-549-8462)
  • Self-identify as a student with a disability
  • Complete the Student Accommodation Request Form
  • Provide current sufficient documentation of a disability
  • Set up an appointment with DSR to review documentation and discuss eligibility and determine reasonable accommodations.

Required Documentation

Under the ADA and Section 504, it is the student’s responsibility to provide adequate documentation of disability in postsecondary settings. Documentation should come from a professional qualified to diagnose the disability. The documentation should be current (within the last three years). The documentation process is usually a one-time event.

A low vision student using an electronic magnifier

Student Responsibilities for Obtaining Accommodations

  • Students should obtain accommodation letters from DSR and deliver the letter to their instructors.
  • Student does not have to disclose specific disability to instructors.
  • Student should meet with instructor to ensure details fo the letter’s implementation are mutually understood.
  • Student should contact proctor or instructor to schedule testing accommodations one week in advance to work out details.
  • Accommodations that require additional lead time, such as interpreters, captionists and adaptive technology, require advance notice to DSR. See the Student Handbook for Disability Services for specific lead times.
  • Student should report any concerns to the Office of Disability Services and Resources.


Notice of Facility/Program Accessibility

Individuals with mobility impairments should contact the DSR coordinator on or nearest their campus to obtain information regarding limitations to physical accessibility of some buildings and programs and to obtain accommodations as needed. Students with mobility impairments are encouraged to contact the DSR coordinator before completing their academic schedules.

Legal Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability in education and public accommodations. The College must provide equal access to all facilities, programs, services and activities. The College is not covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which applies to K-12 institutions and requires individualized education plans. There is no Special Education in college.

Institutions are not responsible for personal services, such as attendants, tutors, readers for personal study, typists or nurses or personal devices, such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, guide dogs, etc.

Gadsden State has an obligation to maintain confidentiality of evaluation information and does not release disability documentation. Strict confidentiality is maintained in all verbal communications with Gadsden State faculty and staff unless a student grants written permission or the College is required to do so by law or court order.

Appeals Process

Questions and concerns regarding accommodations and services for students with disabilities should be directed first to the Office of Disability Services and Resources Director. If the director cannot resolve accommodations issues, an appeal may be presented to the Disability Services Committee.


Website Accessibility

Gadsden State is committed to ensuring website and social media accessibility for people with disabilities. We are constantly working to improve the user experience for everyone that visits, and applying accessibility standards. Accessibility requirements for designers and developers are available through the  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

If you find any problems that prevent full access to, please contact us by emailing ADA Coordinator Pam Clough at

The Americans with Disabilities Act states that “no qualified person with a disability may be excluded from, denied benefits of or subjected to discrimination of any course, program or activity.” Students needed accommodations should thoroughly read the DSR Handbook.

DSR Handbook

The Gadsden State Community College Student Handbook for Disability Services contains a wealth of information that needs to be reviewed before requesting accommodations. Visit the DSR Handbook here

Student Accommodation Form

This form must be submitted prior to accommodations being considered. Apply for accommodations here

Campus Contacts


Pam Clough, director of Disability Services

Pam Clough, director