Language and Humanities Programs of Study


Gadsden State’s English Program introduces students to the works of major writers as well as those who have not yet attained that status, and it explores the how good writing gains power. The curriculum emphasizes historical development by providing survey courses in American, British and world literature. It also offers courses in special topics, themes and several genres in world literature.

Foreign Languages

The study of foreign languages is an integral part of a liberal arts education. Courses in Spanish and German are offered at Gadsden State for those seeking global careers in such sectors as business and commerce, civil service, education, international affairs, media, social services, law enforcement and scholarly research.

Liberal Arts 

Gadsden State offers an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts. The degree requires a minimum of 60 hours of coursework, include six hours of written composition, 12 hours of courses in Humanities and Fine Arts, 11 hours of natural sciences and math, 12 hours of history, social and behavioral science courses, three hours of a CIS elective, a one-hour orientation class, three hours of Fundamentals of Oral Communications and 15 to 19 hours of electives.


The major areas of study in the Speech Department include organizational and group communication, interpersonal and family communication, political communication, rhetoric and public discourse, communication in cultural contexts and mass communication.

Division chair Patti Wilborn

Patti Wilborn, division chair and instructor