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Gadsden State announces Book Assistance Program for current and new students

Gadsden, Ala. — Dr. Kathy Murphy, president of Gadsden State Community College, announced today that the College is using a portion of its Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) federal institutional funds to provide student support in the form of a Book Assistance Program for current and incoming students.

“Studies show that approximately 65 percent of college students will forgo buying at least one textbook because of the cost,” she said. “We want to ensure that our students have the required textbooks and tools they need to be successful students and graduate from Gadsden State with a credential that will better their lives as well as the community.”

Gadsden State is covering the expenses incurred from the Book Assistance Program with a portion of monies obtained through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. Since May 2020, Gadsden State has disbursed $5,117,243 in student relief funds from HEERF and the American Rescue Plan Act.

The Book Assistance Program will save Gadsden State students up to $500 during the full fall semester as well as the mini terms. Students can utilize the funds through the program beginning Aug. 13. All purchases must be made by 5 p.m. Sept. 13. Purchases may be made through the Gadsden State Bookstore on the East Broad Campus or Ayers Campus or may be made online. Click here to get directions for ordering online.

“The program may include required textbooks for our academic, health science and career technical courses as well as required tools,” Murphy said. “Examples of approved tools include cosmetology kits, welding hoods, electrical tools and hospital scrubs. This program is definitely a money-saving opportunity for our students.”

Students in the ACE Institute, Gadsden State’s dual enrollment program, as well as transient students do not qualify for the Book Assistance Program. It is open to returning, current or incoming students who take classes either part time or full time.

To participate in the Book Assistance Program, students must be enrolled in Gadsden State classes during the fall semester or mini terms and have their tuition and fees paid in full or covered by financial aid.

“We want as many of our students as possible to take advantage of this program,” Murphy said. “We know it will help alleviate the financial pressures many of our students are facing. We are in the business of student success at Gadsden State, and providing them with the tools and books they need is just one more way we can assist our students in succeeding on their educational journey.”

To apply to Gadsden State, please visit Once accepted, students can register for classes, pay their bill and take advantage of the Book Assistance Program.