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Gadsden State announces evening program for Mini Terms

Gadsden, Ala. — Gadsden State Community College is implementing a new evening program that can be completed exclusively during mini terms.

“This program will give working adults the opportunity to take in-person courses while working a regular 40-hour week,” said Dr. Leslie Worthington, dean of Academic Programs and Services. “We make it as convenient as possible through timing and location of the classes.”

The 15 to Finish Program requires students to complete 30 credit hours per academic year for two years with it resulting in an associate degree in general studies. The classes are taken during two mini terms in both the fall and spring semesters.

“Mini terms are daily, focused courses over an eight-week period versus the traditional 16-week semester,” she said. “The courses are flexible and focused.”

The first mini term at Gadsden State begins Aug. 23 and ends Oct. 14. Classes for the new 15 to Finish Evening Program are conducted from 5:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday at the new Science Building on Gadsden State’s East Broad Campus. The first mini term courses will be English 101 and Psychology 200. A second fall mini term begins Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 17 with English 102 and Math 100 on the schedule. During one of the mini terms, students should enroll in one online elective to complete the 15-hour requirement per semester.

The new evening program is in addition to the original 15 to Finish Program, which rolled out in 2019.

“Our original 15 to Finish Program is conducted exclusively online,” Worthington said. “Online courses also allow flexibility to working students or students who have parental responsibilities.”

Fall courses for the first mini term for first-year 15 to Finish students include English 101, Math 100 and Computer Science 146 followed by English 102, Psychology 200 and Orientation 101 during the second mini term.

Second-year 15 to Finish students kick off the first mini term during the fall semester with English 251 or History 201, Speech 106 and an elective. The second mini term includes English 252 or History 202 and Math 112.

“Gadsden State provides two different options that provide more flexibility to those wanting to improve their chances of career advancement through a college education,” she said. “You have the option of attending in-person evening classes or participating in the online courses. We want to make sure we do everything we can to be accessible and affordable for our students.”

Worthington said now is a perfect time to enroll at Gadsden State, not only for the flexibility of the 15 to Finish Program but also because of the new Book Assistance Program announced last week by Dr. Kathy Murphy, president.

“Gadsden State is using a portion of its Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security federal institutional funds to provide a portion of students’ required books and tools,” she said.

The Book Assistance Program will save students up to $500 during the fall semester as well as the fall mini terms. The program may include required textbooks for academic, health science and career technical courses as well as required tools.

To participate in the Book Assistance Program, students must be enrolled in Gadsden State classes during the fall semester or mini terms and have their tuition and fees paid in full or covered by financial aid. Students who are dual-enrolled or transient are not eligible.

Required books and tools can be purchased online by visiting

Classes for the fall semester and mini term 1 begin Aug. 23. Click here to apply to Gadsden State. Click here for more information about 15 to Finish. Click here for more information on the Book Assistance Program.