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Gadsden/Cherokee Bookstore

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Store Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
  • Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Saturday: Closed
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Ayers Campus Bookstore

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Coming Fall 2023:

First Day Complete

We Price Match Textbooks

The Gadsden State Bookstore will price match your new, used and used rental textbooks. Bookstore staff price match the exact textbook, same edition and format, including all accompanying materials. The title must be in stock on the competitor's website or store at the time of the price match. We price match new, used and used rental textbooks from Amazon, and local competitors. However, Amazon Marketplace, Marketplace and peer-to-prer pricing are ineligible. Digital books, access codes and special orders are also ineligible. The textbooks being considered for price match must have the same rental terms. Students are allowed one price match per book title. For more information, visit the bookstore at your campus.

Rent or Buy New, Used and Digital Textbooks

To save the most money up front, students can rent textbooks. The bookstore will email a reminder when rentals are due back each semester. Students can also save by buying used textbooks and selling them back during finals week to get cash back. Students can also purchase digital textbooks, so that they can organize and read course content on mobile devices or via a web browser

First Day Program – Gadsden State Community College

Gadsden State Bookstore’s First Day Program allows students to receive digital course materials directly in their Blackboard course on the first day of class for a reduced cost. Students do not need to come to the bookstore to order anything for courses that participate in First Day Access. Charges for First Day courses are billed directly to the students’ account at registration with financial aid applied against those charges if appropriate.

  • First Day materials are digitally accessible, so it goes where the student goes on whichever device they choose.
  • The cost of First Day course materials has been negotiated to the lowest price available from the publisher.
  • Students are prepared with required course materials on the first day of class.

          The cost of digital course material is automatically added to the student’s account at registration and is only applicable to courses using the First Day program.

Students - Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I opt-out of the First Day course materials?
Yes, you may opt-out of purchasing the First Day digital course materials; however, you are still responsible for completing all work assigned by your instructor.

What if I want a physical copy of the textbook?
Some publishers give students the option of purchasing a very affordable loose-leaf copy of the book through the Bookstore. The loose-leaf copy can also be ordered online from the Gadsden State Bookstore and shipped directly to you if available.

What happens if I drop a First Day class?
If you drop a First Day course, you will be refunded according to college refund policies. If you add the course back, you will be charged the First Cay Course Materials cost again.

Accessing Course Materials:

  • Once the course is opened by the faculty member, students will be able to access the digital course materials through Blackboard.
  • Select the course in Blackboard and click on “Select Course Materials” link to access required course materials.
  • First-time users will need to create an account with the publisher providing the course material. Please ensure the pop-up blocker is disabled within the browser during use.
  • Accessing Your First Day™ eTextbook in Blackboard


Students may opt-out of purchasing the First Day digital course materials; however, they are still responsible for completing all work assigned by the instructor. Students are encouraged to not opt-out. How to Opt-Out:

  1. 1.     Select the course in Blackboard
  2. 2.    Select Course materials
  3. 3.    Select opt-out at the top right of the page
  4. 4.    Select the Opt-out box and hit Confirm 

 Opting Out of Your First Day eTextbook in Blackboard


Instructors using the Gadsden State Bookstore’s First Day program will need to add the the “Course Materials” link in Blackboard so that students can Opt-Out of the program if they wish. Students may only opt-out during the designated opt-out period only. Courseware and eTextbook materials can be accessed by students through this link. (If students opt out the materials will be a higher retail cost)

Setup for “Course Materials” Link Tutorial Video: First Day™ Faculty Add Course Materials Link - Blackboard

TIMELINE for Instructors:

Instructors must notify the Gadsden State Bookstore of any merged courses using the FirstDay program or students will not be able to access any materials.

2 – 4 Weeks Before Class Starts

  • Ensure that the Barnes & Noble College Course Materials link is installed in the First Day course(s) so students can access their course materials.
  • If using a publisher courseware product (i.e. MyLab, Connect, MindTap) be sure to complete the course setup/pairing. Contact the publisher representative for assistance.

2 Weeks Before Class Starts

  • Ensure messaging is added to the syllabus and Blackboard course describing the program and the benefits. Reach out to the store manager if and email for sample messaging is not received.

 First Day of Class

  • Let students know the First day program that will save them money on their course materials
  • Ensure students know that they can opt-out within Blackboard using the Course Materials link.
  • Direct any student concerns or questions to the Barnes & Noble College Customer Care team – 1-844-9-EBOOKS or You may also contact Jordan Lankford, the manager of the Gadsden State Bookstore, at

Customer Service for FirstDay™:

Please email the following contacts for customer support, the fastest way to reach us is via email. If you have technical issues, please make sure to add a screenshot of what you are seeing for us to process your request quicker.

Store Manager: Jordan Lankford –

Assistant Manager: Brentin Tucker –


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