Transfer Scholarships

Learn more about transfer scholarship opportunities!

Many four-year institutions offer scholarships specifically for students who plan to transfer. These scholarships are awarded based on academic or technical achievements, participation in extracurricular and leadership activities, exhibited talents of the fine arts or athletics or other criteria.


University Transfer Scholarships

The criteria and information for a variety of scholarships offered by four-year institutions are available below. This list is not exhaustive, and students are encouraged to contact universities directly for best opportunities.


Community College Presidential Scholarships

Alabama State University, Miles College, Talladega College, the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama at Birmingham offer Presidential Scholarships that cover full tuition for two years





Transitioning from Gadsden State Community College to a four‐year university can be seamless with proper planning. Here are some great tips to help prepare you for the process:

  • Have a good plan, even if it’s a tentative plan, for what you want to do. Talk to your advisor sooner rather than later. It is wise to do this as soon as you are admitted to Gadsden State.
  • Find the college or university that’s the best fit for you. Be sure you consider your academic and career goals when choosing your college or university. Plan to attend Gadsden State Transfer Fairs where you can meet with and learn about a variety of four year colleges and universities. During your second semester at Gadsden State, be sure to schedule campus visits to those schools you are considering.
  • Become familiar with your chosen university’s transfer policies and scholarships that are available to Gadsden State transfer students. Full-time students are encouraged to take 15 or more credit hours per semester.
  • Make sure your credits transfer to the four‐year institution. Planning will help ensure that your credits transfer. The STARS Articulation guides can be useful if you are planning to transfer to a public college in Alabama.
  • Start collecting applications, letters of recommendation and transcripts during the third semester at Gadsden State. Keep track of all deadlines at the school you choose.
  • During your third semester, start preparing for financial aid opportunities and scholarships by submitting your transfer application for admission and financial aid application.
  • During the fourth semester at Gadsden State, follow up on your transfer and financial aid application requirements. Diligently monitor your email account at your transfer institution to ensure you receive all correspondence. And don’t forget to apply to graduate from Gadsden State!



If enough courses transfer, you’ll start at the four‐year college as a junior. Typically a student needs 60 credit hours to transfer as a junior. Planning is key to ensure that all of your courses transfer, which saves you time and money. Factors that influence whether credits will transfer include:

  • College and/or state transfer policies: Colleges determine which credits they will accept. Some schools are influenced by statewide articulation programs.
  • Similarity of the course: Institutions tend to accept credits from programs and courses that are similar to those they offer.
  • Appropriateness of the course to the specific major: Institutions tend to prefer courses that match their specific requirements for your anticipated major; however, if you have taken a general course that does not match, it may transfer as a general elective.
  • Grade received in the course: Applicants must meet minimum grade requirements for their credits to be considered for transfer.
  • Time limits: Policies differ from school‐to‐school but many schools have time limits on transfer credits. If the credits you hope to transfer were earned more than a year ago, be sure to review the credit transfer policies at the four‐year school.