The Gadsden State Financial Aid Office uses electronic form submission via OneACCS. 

How to View Financial Aid Requirements

Admitted Students

  1. Login to OneACCS
  2. Select Financial Aid Dashboard
  3. Ensure the appropriate aid year is displayed
  4. Review any Unsatisfied Requirements



All requirements are completed electronically via Dynamic Forms. After reading the instructions underneath a requirement, click on its link to be directed to the Dynamic Forms login page. Either create an account or use your login credentials if you have previously created one. Return to the Unsatisfied Requirements page and repeat this process until all requirements are submitted.

If you were selected to complete the Statement of Educational Purposes form for verification and do not wish to come to the campus, you may use the following form and mail it in to us. Please note: If you choose to mail it in, you will need to have it notarized.

Statement of Educational Purposes Form