Students may apply for a private (non-federal) loan. You (and your co-signer, if applicable) should carefully research the options and select the private loan that best suits your needs. You will need to provide any documentation requested by the lender and follow the application procedure that is specific to the loan. Gadsden State will certify any private educational loan based upon eligibility. Most loans require a 10-day rescission period before the funds will be released to Gadsden State for disbursement. Due to this waiting period, it is recommended that you apply for a loan at least one month prior to the beginning of classes.

Loan Process Steps:

  1. Complete the FAFSA. (Recommended)
  2. Apply through Credible or Great Lakes. Complete any required financial literacy and apply for a loan with the lender of your choice. When choosing a loan option, the borrower type to select will be "Undergraduate." Your loan limit will depend on the amount for which you qualify and your remaining need.
  3. After applying for the loan and receiving notification from the lender, Gadsden State will certify your loan amount based on the loan period(s) you specified in your application. For example, if you specify the Fall and Spring loan period your loan will be divided equally between the Fall and Spring semesters.
  4. If any additional information is required, Gadsden State’s Loan Manager will reach out to you via phone and/or email. Please respond quickly to any inquiries so as to not delay the loan process.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you receive a loan and then choose not to attend Gadsden State for the semester, you MUST contact the Loan Manager to inform her of your decision so the loan may be returned. We will not certify or process a loan unless you are making Satisfactory Academic Progress. We will also not certify any loan to pay a balance from a previous semester. We do not accept parent loans.

Frequently Asked Questions: