Meet Our Team

The Admissions Office is here to serve your needs and help you soar to new heights as you become a student at Gadsden State Community College! 

Meet the Admissions Staff

Laura Swann
Director of Enrollment Services and Registrar
(256) 549-8263

Audra Allen
Transcript Evaluator I
(256) 549-8260


Lori Varner
Administrative Assistant III
(256) 549-8262

Stacey Burt
Clerk II
(256) 549-8497 / (256) 832-1241


Stephanie Gauthier
Clerk I
(256) 549-8300


Annette Junior
Administrative Assistant III, Ayers
(256) 835-5455

Ashley Kitchens
Clerk I
(256) 549-8465