A transcript is an exact copy of a student’s permanent academic record at the time it is issued. It can be either an official or an unofficial transcript, the latter usually issued directly to and only for the personal information of the student concerned. Partial transcripts are not issued. A Gadsden State Community College transcript only includes the student’s complete record at Gadsden State. 

Transcripts covering a student’s secondary and previous college education that have been submitted to Gadsden State to meet a requirement for admission become part of the Registrar’s official file. The College does not reissue or certify copies of transcripts from other institutions. The student concerned must order any required transcripts directly from other institutions where the coursework was taken.

The official permanent academic records for all Gadsden State students are maintained by the Admissions and Records Office. This information is protected by federal law and release of any information is done only in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Only the student may request a copy of his or her academic record. Friends and family are not permitted access to a student’s record without written permission of that student.

If the student wishes to request or pick up a transcript from the Admissions and Records Office, he/she should be prepared to show a photo ID. Transcripts are issued only at the written request or authorization of the student concerned. Transcripts may be requested through OneACCS or by completing the transcript request form, which can be emailed to or brought in person to the One Stop Center on The East Broad Campus. 

Request Transcripts

There are two options for obtaining Gadsden State transcripts:

Students can request official transcripts through OneACCS. Below are the instructions:

  1. Follow the login instructions for      OneACCS

  2. From the main menu click Student > Student Records > Request Transcript

  3. For transcripts issued to another college: Click Look “Up College Code” and follow the prompts

  4. For transcripts issued to yourself or another individual or business: Complete the “Issue to:” field, and then click “Continue” to manually enter addressee information

  5. Please note: “Official” must be selected for “Transcript Type,” and “USPS Standard Mail – No Charge” must be selected for delivery method.

  6. Please note: If you would like your transcripts held for grades or a degree you must change “As soon as possible” to one of the other choices in the drop down menu for “Print Transcript”

  7. Once you have reviewed the information on the Summary screen, click “Submit Request”

Transcripts typically mail within two business days of the request.


This option can be used if Option 1 does not work or if you attended more than three years prior.

Click on Transcript Request Form. This needs to be printed and filled out with a handwritten signature, in order for the Registrar’s Office to process. The request form can be sent via email to or mailed to the address on the form. Please allow two weeks to process within the office, with an additional time for the mail service to deliver to the designated address.

NOTE: During heavy volume periods, please allow up to three weeks. 

NOTE: ACE Institute Student: Dual enrollment credit is contingent upon high school graduation. Official college credit for ACE Institute courses will not be finalized on the student's Gadsden State transcript until proof of high school graduation is submitted to Gadsden State. Request that your high school send Gadsden State your graduated transcript as soon as it is available after graduation. Once Gadsden State receives your graduated high school transcript, you may request that we send your Gadsden State transcript to the college of your choice.

Request Official Transcripts


How to View/Request Unofficial Transcripts:

  • Log into OneACCS 
  • Click on “Student Button”; then click “Student Records”; then “Academic Transcript.”
  • Change the Transcript Level to say “All Levels” and Transcript Type to say “Unofficial Web Transcript.”
  • Click Submit.
  • You can print your transcript

NOTE: Transcript requests will need to be made by the form until further notice. You will be unable to access the transcript from your new account in OneACCS.