13 Things

13 Things You Can Buy with Money Saved by Attending Gadsden State

If you choose Gadsden State Community College over a four-year university, you could save more than $32,000 in costs, including room, board, tuition and fees! What could you buy instead of purchasing a high-priced education? Take a look and then check out what Gadsden State has to offer!

1. Enjoy 69 three-day weekends on the sandy beaches of Gulf Shores!

Based on an average 15-gallon tank of gas ($57.75) and the average hotel stay ($405)

If you enjoy trips to the beach and beyond, consider auditioning for the Gadsden State Jazz Band and A Cappella Choir. The renowned performance groups make trips to perform in Gulf Shores, New Orleans, Tennessee and Florida.

2. You can be entertained with 4,005 months of Netflix!

Based on basic monthly Netflix subscription ($7.99)

If you like entertainment, be sure to check out the Gadsden State Theatre Program and Wallace Hall Fine Arts Center

3. Don’t worry about losing a pair of AirPods since you can now afford to buy 178 pairs!

Based on the cost of third-generation Apple AirPods ($179).

But if you do keep losing your AirPods, visit the Cardinal Career Explorer and learn more about yourself! It can't tell you why you lose things, but it can suggest careers for you!

4. Take your pick from your fleet of 58 kayaks to spend a sunny afternoon on one of Alabama’s beautiful rivers.

Based on the cost of kayaks ($549)

Interested in learning how things work, like how a kayak’s design improves its performance? Explore an array of Technical Programs that will teach you the ins-and-outs of engineering, automation and more! 

5. Don’t worry about getting a roommate since you can afford 7 years of rent for a 2-bedroom apartment!

Based on the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Alabama ($726)

You can also consider living in Fowler Residence Hall, Gadsden State’s affordable housing option for students on the Wallace Drive Campus.

6. Choose comfort over style and buy 640 pairs of Crocs!

Based on the average cost of Crocs ($49.99)

If you’re willing to buy 640 pairs of Crocs, you might need to enroll in Accounting Technologies to find out why that’s a bad idea!

7. Be a hit among your friends by throwing a pizza party for the ages! You can serve 32,000 pepperoni pizza slices!

Based on $1 pizza slice cost. It’s actually 89 cents for cheese!

Love to share pizza and ideas with other like-minded students? Check out all of the Club and Organizations available to Gadsden State students.

8. Host an epic gaming tournament with your 533 Xbox One games.

Based on the average cost of Xbox games ($59.99)

If in-person sporting events are more your jam, join the Cardinal Crazies at a Gadsden State sporting event! The College has men’s and women’s basketball and cross country as well as women’s volleyball and men’s tennis.

9. Need a new car? You can afford a new sedan PLUS 7.5 years of car insurance!

Based on cost of 2022 Honda Accord sedan ($21,170) and average cost of annual car insurance ($1,358)

Learn how to perform maintenance and repairs to vehicles by enrolling in Gadsden State’s Automotive Services Technology Program.

10. Workout whenever you want to now that you have 64 years of a gym membership!

Based on an annual cost of gym membership ($500)

Don’t have a high school credential? Build up the strength to make the next step to better your future. Find out about options available through Gadsden State’s Adult Education Services

11. If you enjoy being pampered, you’ll really love the 492 mani-pedis you can now buy with your savings!

Based on the average cost of a manicure and pedicure ($65).

If you like pampering others through hairstyling, manicures, pedicures and more, check out Gadsden State’s Spa and Salon Management Program.

12. Never get tired again! You can buy 10,847 cups of fancy iced coffee!

Based on an average cup of iced coffee ($2.95)

Not a morning person – especially without your coffee? Gadsden State has a number of flexible opportunities to earn a college degree, including the 15 to Finish program that can be conveniently completed online or during evening classes.

13. Everyone in Alabama needs a good pair of boots! How about 182 pairs of leather boots?


Based on the average cost of leather boots ($175)

It’s time to pull yourself up by your boot straps and meet with an advisor about registering at Gadsden State! Contact Enrollment Services or the Advisement Resource Center today!

You can attend Gadsden State for the affordable price of $164 a credit hour or $3,936 for a full load of classes for a year! Be sure to apply for Gadsden State Scholarships by March 22, and don’t forget Financial Aid! Get the best value for your college education! Apply to be a Gadsden State Cardinal TODAY!